According to studies, almost 90% of business to business sales have moved online and, in the next few years, the importance of digital interactions will only increase, to potentially two or three times as important as face to face meetings.

It’s clear that COVID-19 has changed the entire structure of the business world. The shift from offline sales to online, an apparent trend over the last decade, has only accelerated in the past few months.

US online marketplaces have grown by as much as 17% month over month during the lockdown. Across Europe and the UK, online shopping numbers increased by a massive 129%. Despite this, only 36% of retailers have adjusted their online marketplace strategy.

The outlook is clear. Companies need to become “digital first” with their customer acquisition strategies. This requires specialist tools and specialist tool sets. You will need to find effective ways to reach and engage with your customers online, no matter where they are in the world.


Developed by a team of IBM AI engineers, EyeLevel is designed to directly connect your online leads to your sales team.

It is a much more engaging post-click experience for your leads where ever you ask them to “Contact Us”, “Schedule a Meeting”, “Download a Case Study”, etc…including on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, email marketing, and your web landing pages.

Your leads click into chat where their lead data is automatically captured and they are asked pre-qualifying questions. Qualified leads are offered options to connect directly with your sales team including in chat, by scheduling meetings, and on the phone.

The Most Effective Way to Capture and Engage Leads

Imagine a potential customer wants to learn more about your company and completes a lead form requesting a demo. Normally, that’s the end of the communication. That potential customer will wait, on average, 42 hours before getting a response.

But the internet moves fast. If you don’t qualify potential leads instantly, they lose interest in your product or even forget what it was that they signed up for. You lose the sale.

This is why not responding to a warm lead within the first five minutes sees the chance of qualifying it drop by as much as 2,100%.

That statistic seems almost impossible, so we’ll repeat it for clarification.

Not responding to a lead within 5 minutes reduces the chance of a sale by a factor of 21.

90% of sales teams literally don’t have the ability to respond to leads in this critical five-minute window.

How Works

With EyeLevel, in addition to sending lead data to your CRM, leads are directly connected to your sales team however the leads prefer: in chat, by scheduling a meeting, or on the phone.

If a potential customer prefers to communicate in chat, your sales team is alerted on their communication tool (Slack) to engage immediately.

Members of your sales team can see all of the customer’s relevant information, then drop seamlessly into a conversation with someone who is ready to discuss your products.

In Online Sales, Speed is All That Matters

EyeLevel’s unique alerting capabilities allow your sales team to respond much quicker to inbound inquiries, reducing average response times to 2 minutes. Because of this, EyeLevel’s customers see an increase in sales conversion rates of 10X or more.

Unlike other tools, these leads also come pre-qualified. Through parameters you decide, leads are up to 500% more likely to convert into sales opportunities, saving your sales team time and increasing their productivity and happiness.

Your clients can get the answers they need however they are most comfortable, on the phone, in a chat through a text-based medium, or by scheduling something for later. It’s just as much a better experience for them as for your company.

Your Next Move

The best way to see the effectiveness for yourself is to experience it. EyeLevel offers new clients a free trial and complimentary support to integrate the tool straight into your existing marketing stack and sales processes. You can see the effect it’s going to have on your sales team and revenues before making any kind of commitment.

Click here to schedule a free consultation with EyeLevel, to discuss how you can launch a free 14 day pilot.